Our national Right Way accreditation program supports quality training delivery in the service industries.

Right Way is part of our strategic work to achieve quality skills outcomes in these industries.

Service Skills Australia - Right Way Program


Read about our activites and projects, as well as issues impacting on
service industry skills developments.

VET Reform

Keep up to date with the Australian Government's VET Reforms.




The Outdoor Recreation Discussion Paper

Read the discussion paper and tell us which skills you think the outdoor recreation sector needs to move forward.


The New Retail Series

The New Retail Series is creating excellence in the Australian retail workforce through a series innovative training pilots, contributing to the development of nationally recognised qualifications.



IBSA Training Package Endorsements

Last week, Innovation and Business Skills Australia  (IBSA) announced the endorsement of the following training packages:

HTN launches Total Chef Aspire

Our CEO, Yasmin King, recently had the pleasure of being at the launch of Total Chef Aspire, one of three new streams of culinary apprenticeships developed by NSW and ACT-based HTN, a leading group employer of culinary and food service apprentices.


Navigating the new world, New challenges = New opportunities

Date: 4 June 2015 Services Skills NSW invites all key industry stakeholders to the NSW Joint ITAB Conference: ‘Navigating the new world. New challenges = New Opportunities'. We are assembling the most innovative thinkers, leading educationalists, and business and government leaders to provide you with the insights and strategies that you need to lead your team and organisation successfully. 

Marketing and Presentation Skills Workshop - Melbourne

Date: 10 June 2015 The ‘Marketing and Presentation Skills Workshop’ is a unique and practical full-day interactive learning session designed to help eligible businesses develop their marketing and presentation skills to drive business growth in domestic and global supply chains.