Australian Apprenticeships

Australian Apprenticeships is a term that covers all apprenticeships and traineeships. Australian Apprenticeships are a way of combining training and employment - they combine practical work with structured training which leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

Not all training package qualifications are available as apprenticeships. For the most accurate and current information on what qualifications are available as an Australian Apprenticeship contact an Australian Apprenticeship Centre or your state/territory Service Skills Network member.

For jobseekers they offer an opportunity to 'earn while you learn' and allow you to gain the practical skills and experience that employers value. Unlike a traditional training course, you spend a significant part of your time in the workplace, learning hands-on skills and getting a feel for the way the industry works. Many employers favour people who have completed an apprenticeship because of this practical experience. At the same time, you also gain a nationally recognised qualification.

For employers apprenticeships offer an effective way of ensuring that staff are trained to industry standard. Your involvement in their training ensures that they are trained to meet the needs of your business. The formal training component of the Australian Apprenticeship can be delivered in a range of ways. It may be conducted on the job, off the job, or through a combination of both. Training for Australian Apprenticeships must be managed by a registered training organisation, which will conduct the assessment and issue the qualification. 

Australian Apprenticeships Centres

Australian Apprenticeships Centres (AACs) are the experts on Australian Apprenticeships and should be your first port of call if you are seeking advice, assistance or a general overview of the Australian Apprenticeships scheme.

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Recruit an Australian Apprentice

Recruit an Australian Apprentice yourself

You can recruit your Australian Apprentice through your normal hiring procedure, and draw on a range of other sources of assistance. There are also a range of recruitment services available to assist you.

Group Training Organisations

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) employ Australian Apprentices, and then hire them out to 'host employers'.

Existing employees

By training existing staff in an Australian Apprenticeship you are not only investing in someone that you already know and trust but also giving your staff the opportunity to learn new skills, and attracting possible Australian government funding and incentives.

When you have found your Australian Apprentice

Negotiating the training plan

The training contract must specify the Australian Apprenticeship and the level of qualification to be achieved by your Australian Apprentice. You will therefore need to submit a training plan endorsed by your training provider that details both the on and off-the-job training that the Australian Apprentice will receive.

Training contract/agreement

Australian Apprenticeships represent a formal agreement between employers, and employees, and are covered by formal agreements known as either 'Training Agreements' or 'Contracts of Training'. This is a legally binding agreement between you and your Australian Apprentice. It protects both you and your employee's interests and outlines your obligations, including the training and supervision you must provide for the employee, as well as the employee's obligations as an Australian Apprentice.

In some cases, employers may be eligible for financial incentives for employing an Australian Apprentice:

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Finding an Australian Apprenticeship

Once you have decided which apprenticeship or traineeship you want to do, you will need to find an employer to give you a job so you can 'earn while you learn'. Some of your options are: 

  • Check your local newspapers for job vacancies. Vacancies may be advertised under the industry (e.g. Retail, Fitness, Hospitality) or under the heading 'trainee' or 'apprentice'.
  • The Job Network is a network of organisations dedicated to finding employment for job seekers. To get details of your local Job Network members, or to search for positions, visit the Australian Jobsearch website.
  • Approach employers that you would like to work for directly. You could contact the employer on the phone, in person, or by writing a formal letter.
  • Contact a Group Training organisation. Group training organisations employ apprentices and trainees and then place them with different employers during their training. To find a Group Training organisation, contact Group Training Australia on 07 3844 3444 or visit the Group Training Australia website.

More information on how to find an apprenticeships is available at:

Financial Support

It is important for all Australians to recognise the value of a career in vocational education and training. The Australian Government recognises that apprentices are one of Australia's most valuable resources. In order to help apprentices stay the distance, there is now a wide range of financial and other incentives available.

Details are available on the Australian Apprenticeships website: