Funeral Services Training Package

The SIF Funeral Services Training Package is the national framework for skills development for the funeral services industry. 

It includes nationally recognised units of competency and qualifications to train and assess individuals in a range of skills and occupations.

More infomation on careers in funeral services.

Continuous improvement

SIF Funeral Services Training Package was endorsed by the National Skills Standards Council on 17 June 2013.

Certificate IV in Embalming and the associated units of competency and assessment requirements were endorsed by the National Skills Standards Council, under a separate submission, on the 9 October 2013.

SIF Funeral Services Training Package was developed to reflect the Standards for Training Packages.

The review of the SIF08 Funeral Services Training Package commenced in February 2012 and was carried out under the continuous improvement process, with stakeholder consultation and feedback a major focus throughout every phase.


Stakeholder feedback gathered on emerging industry skills and current training needs were outlined in a scoping paper, based on issues raised in the  2011 Funeral Services Environmental Scan.

Draft 1 and Industry Consultation

Stakeholder feedback gathered on the proposed Draft 1 units of competency, associated assessment requirements and qualifications. Draft 1 was distributed nationally for feedback with a guide for reviewing draft content to assist stakeholders to understand the context in which proposed changes has been made. Thirty-eight organisations and one industry body contributed feedback.

Draft 2 and Validation

Revised drafts, based on Draft 1 were distributed to stakeholder for validation.

Final Draft and Submission

State Training Authority feedback was gained on the revised training package for submission. The Funeral Services Project Advisory Group was formed to ensure that appropriate stakeholders were consulted and that issues raised during the project were appropriately addressed. Feedback provided by the advisory group was consistent and comprehensive.  SIF Funeral Services Training Package was submitted to the National Skills Standards Council and endorsed on the 17 June 2013. 

The Companion Volume Implementation Guide for SIF Funeral Services Training Package produced by us is available for download.

The current SIF Funeral Services Training Package can be found at

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This project is funded by the Department of Education and Training.