Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Continuous Improvement

SIT Transition to the NSSC Standards for Training Packages

The SIT12 Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package will commence the transition to the Standards for Training Packages over an 18 month period, commencing in February 2014.

Project Timeframes:

The dates below have been adapted to reflect the current project plans. Please keep in mind that these dates may fluctuate slightly depending on the scope of the project, the timeline of the technical writer/consultant, and the quality assurance process.




In Progress


March - July2014


August – October 2014


November 2014 – April 2015

Quality Assurance

May - June 2015

Submission for Endorsement

July 2015**


**Timeframes are pending upon the release of the Endorsement Meeting dates for 2015.

No other endorsements of the current Training Package are planned to take place during this transition process.

To provide feedback for consideration at project scoping, please submit this via the SSA online feedback register.

How to be involved:

To be kept informed on the updates of the review of the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package, subscribe to SSA’s news alerts and E-Newsletters.

SIT12 Version 2 Updates

SIT12 Version 2 Additional Mapping - Effective 4 December 2013

Service Skills Australia has recently released additional mapping information for qualifications that were endorsed as part of SIT12 Version 2.

The mapping outlines the equivalency of qualifications between SIT07 Version 3 and SIT12 Version 1, as well as the equivalency between SIT07 Version 3 qualifications and the newly released SIT12 Version 2 qualifications. Outlining the relationship between various versions of the Training Package will allow RTOs who are about to transition from SIT07 Version 3, or who are currently in the process of transitioning to the latest release of the Training Package; SIT12 Version 2.

For further information on this mapping, please click here.

Implementation Fact Sheets

SIT12 Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package Version 2 was released onto on 11 October 2013. To support the implementation of SIT12 Version 2, SSA has produced the following implementation fact sheets:

 SIT12 V2 Updated First Aid Unit

 This implementation fact sheet is relevant to the following qualifications:

  • SIT30513 Certificate III in Guiding
  • SIT30813 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  • SIT30913 Certificate III in Asian Cookery
  • SIT31013 Certificate III in Catering Operations
  • SIT31113 Certificate III in Patisserie
  • SIT40413 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
  • SIT40513 Certificate IV in Asian Cookery
  • SIT40613 Certificate IV in Catering Operations
  • SIT40713 Certificate IV in Patisserie

 Please click here to view the SIT12 V2 Updated first aid unit implementation fact sheet


SIT12 V2 Updates to Hospitality Qualifications

This implementation fact sheet is relevant to the following qualifications:

  • SIT10213 Certificate I in Hospitality
  • SIT20213 Certificate II in Hospitality
  • SIT30713 Certificate III in Hospitality
  • SIT40313 Certificate IV in Hospitality
  • SIT50313 Diploma of Hospitality
  • SIT60313 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality

Please click here to view the SIT12 V2 Updates to Hospitality Qualifications implementation fact sheet


SITHFAB201 Provide responsible service of alcohol assessment guidance

This guide focuses on the changes that were made to the Evidence Guide of SITHFAB201 Provide responsible service of alcohol as a result of industry feedback in October 2013. This document provides clarity on what has been changed, and is not intended to direct the focus of any assessment activity as it only provides suggestions or guidance on the types of assessment activities that could be conducted to address each of the Critical aspects for assessment.

 Please click here to view the SITHFAB201 Provide responsible service of alcohol assessment guidance 


Mapping Tables

Mapping tables of the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package:

Download SIT07 V1 Mapping Table

Download SIT07 V2 Mapping Table

Download SIT07 V2.1 Mapping Table

Download SIT07 V2.2 Mapping Table

Download SIT07 V2.3 Mapping Table

Download SIT07 V3 Mapping Table

Download SIT12 V1 Mapping Table

Download SIT12 V1.2 Mapping Table

Download SIT12 V2 Mapping Table

Further Information

For further information please contact Rebecca Grooby on 02 8243 1200 or email

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