About Service Skills Australia

We are a not-for-profit, independent organisation, which supports skills and workforce development in the service industries.

Our industries include retail and wholesale, sport, fitness, community recreation, outdoor recreation, travel, tourism, meetings and events, hospitality, accommodation, restaurants and catering, holiday parks and resorts, hairdressing, beauty, floristry, community pharmacy and funeral services.

Our primary aim when developing nationally recognised training is to ensure that training is in step with the needs of employers and industry as a whole. To achieve this, we consult and engage with as broad a range of stakeholders as possible. Our key stakeholder groups are: industry, both representative organisations and individual businesses; training professionals, including registered training organisations and trainers/assessors; industry regulators; and a range of state/territory and federal government bodies.

Our role

Service Skills Australia is funded by the Australian Government to:

  • provide industry intelligence and advice to government, industry and enterprises on workforce development and skills needs for the service industries.
  • actively support the development, implementation and continuous improvement of high quality training products for the service industries, including training packages
  • engage in workforce development activities and provide support for the service industries
  • develop a culture within the service industries which promotes and enhances the skills development of its workforce.

Our mission statement

To drive higher skills capability in the service industries’ workforce and enterprises.


Our services

Training Packages

We develop and continuously improve training packages (skills and qualifications) and support materials, in consultation with industry bodies and employers. These training packages specify the industry standards and qualifications required for effective performance in the workplace. They are used to develop learning strategies and for recognising and assessing the skills of people working in the service industries.


We undertake research to gain the best understanding possible of the skills our industries need now and for the future. Our annual Environmental Scans draw on a range of sources to paint a detailed picture of the workforce and skills challenges our industries face and provide the starting point for the development and continuous improvement of our training packages.

Expert advice

We provide advice to government and industry about skills and workforce development needs.

Workforce development

We manage and support workforce development initiatives that help individual businesses and regions maintain the skilled workforce they need to prosper.

Right Way

We recognise the delivery of quality training through our national Right Way accreditation program for trainers/assessors, training facilities and learning resources.