Board and Advisory Committees

There are two levels within our management and advisory structure:

  1. Board: Responsible for overall management and corporate governance
  2. Industry Advisory Committees: advises on all matters relating to their areas of coverage and industry-specific strategic direction to the Board.

There are currently three Industry Advisory Committees within the Service Industries Skills Council:

  • Sport, Fitness and Recreation
  • Tourism, Travel and Hospitality
  • Wholesale, Retail and Personal Services


The Board of Service Skills currently has six directors, comprising two representatives from each of the industry sectors within Service Skills scope.

Nominations for these positions are received from the Industry Advisory Committees in accordance with the Industry Advisory Committee Rules.

Each Industry Advisory Committee elects two representatives to sit on the governing Board of the Council.

Membership of Board of Directors

Ian Blandthorn AM (Chair)
National Assistant Secretary 
Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees Association

Justin Scarr (Deputy Chair)
Royal Lifesaving Society of Australia

Fiona Heslop (Director)
Rookwood General  Cemetery Trust

Jan Sutherland (Director)
Service Skills SA 

John Sweetman AM (Director)
Australian Hotels Association

William R Galvin OAM (Director)
Chief Executive
Tourism, Hospitality & Catering Institute of Australia

Industry Advisory Committees

Industry Advisory Committees (IACs) have been established for each of the three industry areas to provide industry intelligence and advice on the skills needs, directions and significant trends within industry sectors.  They include representatives from peak industry associations, unions and large and small enterprises.

Members of these committees are nominated by specified nominating organisations as outlined in the Industry Advisory Committee Rules.

Each committee is endorsed by the Board, and the Industry Advisory Committees provide advice and strategic industry-specific direction to the Board.

Each of these committees elects two representatives to sit on the governing Board of the Council.


Download the Sport, Fitness and Recreation IAC rules.

Download the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality IAC rules.

Download the WRAP IAC rules.