CEO's Corner - November 2015

How can we ensure our apprentices don't get 'burnt'?

I went to see the movie Burnt on the weekend with my daughters.

CEO's Corner - September 2015

When will Australia embrace the opportunities of the future?

A long time ago I owned and operated a retail shop. My greatest fear was not having what the customer wanted, because you can't sell something if you don't have it in stock. In those days (at the risk of disclosing my age), sophisticated computerised inventory systems were beyond the financial reach of a small business. Today they are affordable, but how many do we see implemented?

CEO's Corner - August 2015

Is Basics the new Black?

About a year ago my son started to going to a local gym. As he has previously been a failed member of many gyms, I didn’t have any expectations that this would be different. I simply advised him to be sure he is very careful with the little money he has and to make sure there are no joining fees, cancellation fees etc.

CEO's Corner - July 2015

A tale of two hotels . . . 

This year my family enjoyed a holiday in Vietnam to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday. It is our family tradition in place of a party for these milestones and one we much prefer, as we get to have a relaxing break and share some really special memories.

CEO's Corner - March 2015

Online courses. Do they cut it in the kitchen?

A few years ago my son decided to take up cooking as he was tired of my weekday repetitive repertoire.  He started with a few Jamie Oliver cookbooks and within a year or so progressed to watching the entirety of Julia Child’s cooking shows on YouTube.  Now my son is very fine cook.  He has learnt many impressive techniques, will attempt recipes I would never contemplate and also has a great appreciation of the chemistry of cooking and so literally can open the fridge and make something fabulous with the contents.

CEO's Corner - February 2015

My husband is an Engineer—nothing to do with government, policy or VET.  When I told him the other day how much I enjoyed the stakeholder engagement part of my job, he rolled his eyes an

CEO's Corner - November 2014

Social media - we often talk of it in terms of the marketing opportunities, but what a lot of businesses often overlook are the threats and the need for a strategy to manage them.

CEO's Corner - October 2014

A recent shopping experience in another city reminded our CEO, Yasmin King, about the importance of training for ensuring Australia’s retail sector remains competitive in the global market place.

CEO's Corner - September 2014

We have had an interesting month at Service Skills - apart from considering the ongoing VET reform announcements, we have been running a series of consultations across Australia with hundreds of hairdressers and salon owners who are giving up their scarce time to talk about their industry needs and what they would like to see in the training package in the future.