Environmental Scans

What is an Environmental Scan?

Environmental Scans analyse existing and emerging trends in the service industries, focusing on their implications for workforce development. They form a key piece of advice to the government on skill shortages, broader workforce development needs and the context for the continuous improvement of training packages.

Development of our Environmental Scans (E-scans) is informed by consultation with industry and additional research.  They contains the following information:

  • The latest industry intelligence
  • Identified workforce development needs for the service industries
  • The current impact of Service Skills Australia's training packages, including enrolment and completion figures
  • The future direction of our training packages
  • Service industry skills shortages and occupations in demand.

Every year we publish an Environmental Scan for the service industries as a whole, as well as for the following specific sector groups:

  • Tourism, Travel and Hospitality
  • Sport, Fitness and Recreation
  • Wholesale, Retail and Personal Services

The latest edition is the 2015 Environmental Scan released on 30 April 2015.

How is the information collected?

A number of methods are used to gather intelligence for the E-scans, including targeted consultation with industry stakeholders, reviewing research and media reports, and drawing on information gathered as part of our day-to-day work. The information in the E-scans is reviewed and validated by our Industry Advisory Committees.