Our Industry Sectors

The service industries employ almost 2.5 million people across the hospitality, tourism, sport and recreation, funeral services, floristry, wholesale, retail, hairdressing and beauty sectors, with an additional 1.7 million volunteers engaged with the sport and recreation sectors.

They’re dynamic industries using skills that are portable across industries and geographic borders.

From styling hair for a fashion show, cooking in the world’s top restaurants, co-ordinating a major event, guiding an adventure tour to managing your own business – the service industries offer a range of exciting and challenging long-term career opportunities.



Sport, Fitness and Recreation

There are 68,907 people employed in occupations covered by these sectors according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The sport and outdoor recreation sectors also rely heavily on volunteers, with around 2.3 million people or 14 per cent of adults in Australia population working voluntarily in sport and physical recreation organisations.



Tourism, Travel & Hospitality

These sectors have the potential to be engines of the Australian economy. Tourism in particular has been singled out as one of Australia ‘Fantastic Five’ growth sectors over the next 20 years. On average tourism directly accounts for around 2.8 per cent of GDP and 4.7 per cent of employment.



Wholesale, Retail and Personal Services

These sectors make a very significant contribution to the Australian economy, which is often overlooked.




International Professional Standards Network

We represent Australia as one of the four founding countries that benchmark educational qualifications and industry standards through the International Professional Standards Network (IPSN). The IPSN was set up to improve the industry recognition and mobility of skills-based occupations worldwide.