International Professional Standards Network

We represent Australia as one of the four founding countries that benchmark educational qualifications and industry standards through the International Professional Standards Network (IPSN). The IPSN was set up to improve the industry recognition and mobility of skills-based occupations worldwide.

Standard-setting bodies and government and industry representatives from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Hong Kong make up the IPSN. Hairdressing and beauty are the initial industry sectors actively engaging and benchmarking their qualifications however, the IPSN will be open to all industry sectors that are part of the vocational education sector.

For more information visit the IPSN website.

The mutual recognition process

The aim of the IPSN is to improve the mobility and education levels of the hairdressing and beauty industries worldwide. To enable mutual recognition, IPSN member countries mapped their qualifications and associated standards to benchmark them to an agreed framework.

The issues considered in relation to the mapping process are:


  • technical content
  • underpinning skills and knowledge
  • gaps in content between countries
  • interrelationships between standards or curriculum modules and other content in the qualification


  • variations in assessment practices between the participating countries
  • practices undertaken by participating countries to assure quality outcomes
  • capacity to meet current and future industry needs.