Sport, Fitness and Recreation

Sport, Fitness and Recreation is made up of the following sectors:


Community Recreation




Outdoor Recreation




Industry overview

There are 68,907 people employed in occupations covered by these sectors according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The sport and outdoor recreation sectors also rely heavily on volunteers, with around 2.3 million people or 14 per cent of adults in Australia population working voluntarily in sport and physical recreation organisations.

There are a diverse set of business and organisation types in these industries. There are not-for-profit organisations including many volunteer-run organisations; local, state or federal government managed bodies; and businesses that vary greatly in size, from large corporations to small one person operations.

The sport, fitness and recreation industries plays a crucial role in the health and wellbeing of Australians. The positive impact they have on the health of both the population, and by extension, our economy, cannot be underestimated. As well as physical health, the industry promotes mental health of individuals and the health of society overall by building social cohesion and inclusion, especially among those who are most likely to feel the most excluded.

There are significant overlaps between these sectors and other industries, such as tourism, education and health.

Industry training

Nationally recognised training for these industries is covered by the SIS Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package


There is a diverse and expanding range of roles in the sports, fitness and community and outdoor recreation industries. They include:

  • Athlete support services
  • Fitness instructor/personal trainer
  • Community recreation centre manager
  • Team manager
  • Lifeguard
  • Sports coach
  • Sports development officer
  • Swimming & water safety teacher


More information about careers in sport, fitness and recreation.


National Outdoor Sector Survey 2013 

We have published the results of the National Outdoor Sector Survey, undertaken in 2013 in conjunction with the Outdoor Council of Australia. We would like to thank all of those people that took the time to take part in this study.

We are interested in receiving any thoughts or feedback that industry can provide on the information presented in this report, particularly on the questions that were posed throughout and have set up a follow up online survey.

The feedback from this survey will be used to assist our continuous improvement process for the review of the outdoor recreation component of the training package, which is currently underway, as well as to inform our 2015 Environmental Scan.